Duncan Welcomes Funding for Turra Mercat Cross

>> Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Turriff & District SNP councillor Sandy Duncan has welcomed the decision by the Formartine Area Committee today (Tuesday) to approve funding to restore the historic Mercat Cross in Turriff.

The Cross which stands in the town centre, dates back to the 1500s.  Recently the notable feature has fallen in to a poor state of repair and with several of its carvings and finials broken or damaged.

Although its restoration is the responsibility of the Council, the local community has also undertaken some fund-raising to help contribute towards the costs of the repairs.

Commenting, Cllr Sandy Duncan said:

“Turriff Heritage Society along with the Community Council, the Tourism Action Group, Turriff Town Pride and many others, will all be delighted with this allocation of £2500 from the Formartine Committee Top Up Fund to help with the restoration of the ancient Mercat Cross.

“Following so close on the tremendous fund raising effort that was made to ensure the survival of the Heritage Society and it's two museums, the further effort to raise enough to restore the Cross seemed like a mountain for the community to further climb.

“This contribution along with the £4500 from the planning service and a further £2000 from planning gain, more or less covers the estimated cost of restoration, which is £9000.  However, the community have made efforts to raise a further £1000 to cover any contingency costs that may arise.”

Cllr Rob Merson, Chair of Formartine Area Committee added:

“The Area Committee will use around £2,500 of its Top-Up Fund to help the cost of restoring the cross.

“Together with the hard work of local people and groups who have also raised substantial amounts of money, it should mean the restoration of the Cross will begin within the next month.”

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