Turriff Councillor Urges Further Action on A947 Improvements

>> Thursday, 30 August 2012

Turriff & District SNP councillor Sandy Duncan has welcomed planned measures to improve safety on the A947 but says the plans don’t go far enough.

An event is to be held at Turriff Academy on Monday 10 September organised by Aberdeenshire Council, Grampian Police and the North-east Camera Safety Partnership on planned safety measures for the A947.

Commenting, Cllr Sandy Duncan said:

“I very much welcome the measures outlined to help improve safety on the A947, but I don't feel they go far enough and would hope the next step in the process incorporates some other improvements that will help.

“For example, I feel a great opportunity was missed when installing the areas for the speed camera vans.  They had the equipment at each site when doing the work so it wouldn't have incurred much more expense to extend the sites and make them long enough for slow moving vehicles to pull in and allow queues of traffic to clear.

“Another measure I would like to see implemented to help prevent driver frustration, would be stretches of overtaking lane where there is miles of bends and little opportunity to overtake safely, because of the danger of oncoming traffic.”

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