The Aberdeenshire SNP Local Government Manifesto 2017

Stronger for Aberdeenshire

On May 4th the people of Aberdeenshire will have the chance to elect their local councillors, and decide who will run our council for the next five years.

Five years ago, a coalition of Tories, Lib Dems and Tory-supporting ‘Independents’ formed an administration, united by little other than a desire to keep the SNP out of office. However, by 2015, the cracks were showing. Realising that a better way forward was needed, a group of Labour and Progressive Independent councillors decided ‘enough was enough’, and together with the SNP, we formed a new ‘Partnership’ administration to take Aberdeenshire Council forwards.

Although we had some differing views on how Scotland should be governed, we all agreed that we shared considerable common ground on what needed to happen locally to improve Aberdeenshire and so we set out a programme to do just that. In the past two years we have proven ourselves to be an effective and ambitious administration with an impressive track record of delivery and achievements.

Our commitment to you is to focus on what is important locally, so that Aberdeenshire Council has the political leadership it needs to maintain and enhance the services which really matter. We will prioritise:
  1. A transformation in early learning and childcare
  2. Investing in schools to ensure every child has the best start in life
  3. An increase in affordable housing
  4. Giving local communities a greater say in how local budgets are spent
  5. Support for small businesses
The SNP in administration is now and will continue to be a party with both a head and a heart, which listens closely to the communities we represent and which is committed to working with others to make Aberdeenshire the best possible place it can be in which to live.

It has been a privilege to work as your Council Co-Leader for the last two years – with your support, we can continue to be Stronger for Aberdeenshire.

Cllr Richard Thomson
Aberdeenshire SNP Group Leader

Click here to download full Aberdeenshire SNP manifesto


Doubling each of the six local area ‘top-up budgets’ to £104,500 each
Helping build community capacity and supporting more local community projects

Transforming the council committees and the decision making process
Making the council more open and democratic, while allowing decisions to be taken more quickly

Overseeing the launch of the Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership
Allowing joined-up working to enable the provision of the best possible care to those who require it

Agreement to move Aberdeenshire Council’s Headquarters to a smaller, more efficient and cost effective site in Inverurie, alongside investment in council facilities in Stonehaven and Ellon
Saving taxpayers £500,000 per year in running costs, and allowing more staff to work at locations throughout Aberdeenshire to ensure that council jobs and their economic benefit is spread more widely

Successful participatory budgeting exercises in Peterhead and Fraserburgh
Giving local communities a say in what they feel are the priorities for their areas

Enhanced regeneration in Fraserburgh, Peterhead, Banff and Macduff
Four Regeneration Partnerships are now in place and delivering for our northern towns

Teacher recruitment targets reached
More teacher vacancies filled following a number of innovative initiatives to attract teachers to Aberdeenshire

Business rates relief scheme
The first and to date only local relief scheme in Scotland introduced since the business rates revaluation, giving Aberdeenshire businesses the most generous relief available in the UK

Securing the £250m City Region Deal plus an additional £254m funding from the Scottish Government
Ensuring Aberdeenshire shares in the benefits of the massive public and private investment this brings

An on-going programme of building social and affordable homes
On track to deliver 519 new affordable homes in 2016/17 alone

Delivery of the first carbon budget for Aberdeenshire Council
Matching word with deed by putting our environmental commitments at the heart of our our governance


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