Local Councillor Smith and Community Council Bring Dogs Trust Event to Boddam

>> 30 October 2018

Peterhead South & Cruden SNP councillor Stephen Smith and Boddam Community Council have been working together to promote responsible dog ownership in the village.

Dogs Trust, a national charity, will be holding a roadshow in Boddam Public Hall on Wednesday 14 November from 10.00am to 2.00pm and are hoping for a good turnout of four-legged friends.

Commenting, Cllr Stephen Smith said:

“I’m very pleased Dogs Trust have accepted my invitation to come to Boddam with their roadshow.

“Boddam Community Council have kindly supported the event in an effort to promote responsible dog ownership but I think all dog owners will find it useful to attend as there will be free advice on hand from a Registered Veterinary Nurse who will give dogs a free health check, as well as free microchipping and free nail-clipping being available.”

Jennifer Terris, Dogs Trust Campaigns Manager for Scotland said,

“We’re delighted to be working with Boddam Community Council to provide this community event.

“We hope that by working together we can provide a free, easily accessible service to local dog owners and promote all aspects of responsible dog ownership. Our community events across Scotland offer informative advice to dog owners and potential dog owners alike on the fundamentals of owning a dog. This includes the importance of neutering your pet, helping your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle, the cost and time involved in owning a dog and resources on dog training and behaviour; as well as the legal requirement around having your dog microchipped.”

The Dogs Trust Registered Veterinary Nurse will also offer FREE microchipping, FREE nail clipping and a FREE general assessment of your dog’s health and where appropriate advise owners if they should visit their vet.

At the roadshow, Dogs Trust aim to promote all aspects of responsible dog ownership including:
  • The change in the law regarding compulsory microchipping
  • The legal requirement of keeping the microchip owner information up to date
  • The legal requirement for collar and tag
  • The legal requirement to pick up after your dog
  • The importance of proper training/socialisation to prevent anti-social behaviour
  • How to be safe around dogs
  • The importance of the five freedoms (freedom from hunger and thirst; discomfort; pain, injury or disease; fear and distress and freedom to express normal behaviour.)


Council's Vehicle Fleet Goes Hi-Tech to Save Money and Reduce CO2

>> 23 August 2018

Following the introduction of a ‘Carbon Budget’ by the SNP/Labour Aberdeenshire Partnership administration in 2017, councillors were today briefed on the introduction of telematics to the council’s vehicle fleet.

As part of the SNP/Labour Aberdeenshire Partnership’s commitment to climate change mitigation, the first Carbon Budget was set for 2017/18. The new approach, approved at full council in February 2017, encourages the whole council to fundamentally consider how it is run and the resulting carbon implications. Aberdeenshire was the first local authority in Scotland to implement such a budget.

In the latest development, fleet vehicles used across Aberdeenshire Council are being installed with telematics to help save money and benefit the environment. The system is web-based, using GPS satellite positioning data and the mobile data network.

Following the successful use of such systems in other large organisations, including councils, it is also intended to promote safe and efficient driving and working practices. It can also help protect lone workers, reduce vehicle running costs and help to quickly ascertain the facts of any accident or incident.

It is hoped it may even allow the reduction of the council’s fleet in future, through the improved use of vehicles, which would also mean significant savings.

Commenting, Infrastructure Services spokesperson for the SNP/Labour Aberdeenshire Partnership Cllr David Aitchison said:

“We were proud to be the first council administration in the country to introduce a Carbon Budget. As well as aiming to be more environmentally-friendly, another major benefit is that many of the measures introduced as a result of the need to reduce emissions have the potential to save the council-taxpayer huge sums of money.

“For example, it is estimated that installing telematics in council vehicles could save between £190,000 and £275,000 each year on fuel through better fleet management resulting from the data generated by each vehicle.

“I’m delighted that the current council administration is carrying on the work the SNP/Labour Partnership started on reducing emissions and saving energy.”


Study on Insch Station Access Gets Funding Green Light

A proposal to look at options for improving access at Insch Station has been given a funding award from Transport Scotland’s Local Rail Development Fund.

Currently, access to the west-bound platform is available only via a traditional overbridge, meaning passengers with mobility difficulties need to book assistance in advance. There are land constraints affecting possible solutions and the finding is to assist in identifying options.

Infrastructure Services spokesperson for the Aberdeenshire Partnership, Cllr David Aitchison (SNP-Westhill & District) said:

“The confirmation that the application for funding has been successful is very good news indeed.

“I wrote to the Scottish Government backing the case for improved access at Insch Station when I was Chair of the Infrastructure Services Committee for the Aberdeenshire Partnership so I’m well aware of the desire locally to see this matter resolved. I hope now we will see some options coming forward that will provide a solution to the access issues.”

SNP councillor for West Garioch Vicky Harper added:

“This is a very welcome first step to getting improved access at Insch Station, which I know has been an issue for a long time.

“Once a preferred option has been identified from this study, I hope we can move quickly to improve the access to the west-bound platform.”


Kintore Station Progress Welcomed by East Garioch Councillor Glen Reid

East Garioch SNP councillor Glen Reid has welcomed the progress being made towards the new Kintore Station, which is due to start construction in spring of next year.

Councillor Reid also raised the issue of electric vehicle (EV) charging points for the new station car park given that there are currently no EV charging points in Kintore and received an assurance that there were plans to include two such machines as part of the development.

Commenting after today’s meeting of the council’s Infrastructure Services Committee where the matter was discussed, Cllr Glen Reid said:

"I welcome the continuing progress that has been made with the planning, procurement and design work for Kintore Station, which will be transformational for the local community. It continues to be on schedule to open in December 2019.

"With poor local bus connectivity, I am continuing to press for a network of cycle/walking paths from Kemnay and Blackburn to link into the Kintore to Inverurie path to ensure that as many people as possible can access the station and link up our communities.

"I was also pleased that when I pressed council officers to ensure that there would be electric vehicle charging points built at the Kintore Station car park, as there are currently none in the town, they assured me that two will be installed. This is more welcome progress for the Kintore residents."


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