Peterhead Councillor Backs Meethill School

>> 22 June 2021

SNP councillor for Peterhead South and Cruden Stephen Smith has backed retention of Meethill School on its existing site against a merger with Dales Park School as part of the new Peterhead Community Campus.

The issue was discussed at today’s meeting of the Buchan Area Committee where councillors were asked to comment on recommendations from education officials that the merger go ahead, despite being opposed by 82 per cent of Meethill School parents and carers who took part in a consultation.

At the meeting, Cllr Smith spoke strongly in favour of retaining Meethill School in its present location.

Commenting afterwards, Cllr Stephen Smith said:

“Meethill School is at the heart of its community and the overwhelming support of parents and carers who took part in the consultation process demonstrates that quite clearly.

“I think it is a testament to the high regard there is for the school locally and a reflection on the school’s leadership that it enjoys such strong support.

“Having gone through the statutory process and gathered public opinion I for one am not going to ignore the clearly-stated view that Meethill School should remain where it is and not be merged and moved. To do so would be to ride-roughshod over the strength of opinion locally and be disrespectful to the views of parents and carers.”

The matter will now be discussed by the Education and Childrens’ Services Committee after the summer recess.


King Edward Councillor Cassie Hails Community Pressure in Bridge Success

>> 10 February 2021

Local SNP councillor Ross Cassie has hailed pressure from the local community in King Edward as a contributory factor to Aberdeenshire Council confirming that Bridge of Fortrie is to be replaced.

The structure is one of the six bridges in the King Edward area damaged by flooding in late September 2019. Bridge of Fortrie carries the C9S Road from Mains of Fisherie westward to join the A947 at Keilhill.

SNP Councillor for Troup Ward Ross Cassie said:

“The confirmation that funding for the Bridge of Fortrie replacement is very welcome. This being one of the 6 bridges washed away in the King Edward in September 2019.

“The replacement when completed will enable greater connectivity for the residents who have been disadvantaged since that weather event.

“I would also like to thank the local community for keeping up the pressure for this solution to be found. Their perseverance shows that working together solutions that benefit all can be found.”


Relief After Rural Bus Service Reinstated

>> 28 January 2021

Peterhead South and Cruden SNP councillor Stephen Smith has welcomed the reinstatement of an early-morning bus linking Cruden Bay and Hatton to Peterhead.

Cllr Smith contacted senior management at bus operator Stagecoach after concerns from constituents at the withdrawal of early morning services between Hatton/Cruden Bay and Peterhead. Local residents, some of whom were key workers reliant on public transport, raised concerns with the councillor after they were no longer able to get to Peterhead before 9.00am, the 6.30am and 7.30am services having been withdrawn.

Now, Cllr Smith has received confirmation that an additional service will depart Hatton and Cruden Bay in time to arrive in Peterhead at 7.55am, commencing immediately.

Commenting, Peterhead South and Cruden councillor Stephen Smith said:

“I am grateful to Stagecoach for taking on board the concerns raised with me by local bus users and the assistance of the council’s Public Transport Unit in securing swift action to put this in place.

“Several of those affected were key workers so this action is very much to be welcomed.”


Councillor Smith Pushes for Reinstatement of Cruden Bay Bus Service

>> 26 January 2021

Local SNP councillor Stephen Smith has contacted senior management at bus operator Stagecoach after concerns from constituents at the withdrawal of early morning services between Hatton/Cruden Bay and Peterhead.

Cllr Smith has received concerns from several local residents who are now no longer able to get to Peterhead by public transport before 9.00am. 6.30am and 7.30am services have been withdrawn and the earliest service to Peterhead now leaves Cruden Bay at 8.44am.

Commenting, Peterhead South and Cruden councillor Stephen Smith said:

“I appreciate that with lockdown, less people are using public transport and Stagecoach must adjust its services accordingly.

“However, the feedback I have received indicates that there is a need for an earlier service into Peterhead serving Cruden Bay and Hatton than this new timetable provides.

“Stagecoach have been responsive over the past 10 months in ensuring such needs are fulfilled in other situations so I would be hopeful they will respond positively to the concerns expressed by local residents through myself.”


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