Fraserburgh Councillor Seamus Logan Reflects Local Anger on Council Budget Cuts

>> 27 February 2024

Budget cuts made by Conservative-led administration on Aberdeenshire Council at its meeting last Thursday will include the loss of school patrollers in Fraserburgh and the shelving of progress towards development of a new primary school for the town.

Other front-line services affected included special needs provision for children experiencing speech and language difficulties.

Commenting on these decisions, local SNP councillor Seamus Logan said he had been made aware of substantial local anger:

“Local residents have been expressing dismay to me and on social media about the effects of these decisions. In relation to the school patrol service, it’s not that long ago that a child was hit by a car here in Fraserburgh and narrowly escaped serious injury and folk just cannot understand the thinking behind this.”

Cllr Logan stated that the SNP-led opposition group had argued against this and also asked for a small amount to be included in the capital plan for the proposed new primary school in Fraserburgh, replacing St Andrews and the North School.

This would have meant that local people would see the Council’s continuing commitment to the plans for the new primary school but these alternative proposals were rejected by Independent, Conservative and Lib Dem councillors in the administration group.

“I understand that difficult decisions needed to be made but the Council still has substantial reserves which could have been deployed to avoid some of these cuts.”


Logan Formally Adopted as Aberdeenshire North and Moray East Candidate

>> 26 February 2024

SNP Westminster candidate for Aberdeenshire North and Moray East Cllr Seamus Logan has been formally adopted by the local SNP members as their candidate for the next UK General Election.

Seamus has been campaigning across the constituency since being selected last year but the political tradition of holding an 'Adoption Meeting' in this election year was continued last Friday at a well-attended event in the Station Hotel, Portsoy.

Aberdeen South MP and Leader of the SNP Westminster Group Stephen Flynn spoke at the event as did former Banffshire and Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson and Seamus Logan’s candidacy was unanimously approved by all present.

Speaking in Portsoy on Friday night, Seamus Logan said:

"I'm honoured to be the SNP candidate for Aberdeenshire North and Moray East. The SNP's priority right now is protecting people from the worst effects of the current cost of living crisis, ensuring we have a controlled and just transition as the renewables industrial revolution gathers pace, offering an alternative and more energetic approach to the needs of our farmers and fishers; and protecting our vital public services, particularly the NHS.

“At the next General Election in this constituency the realistic choice will be between the Conservatives or the SNP. People here understand that we in the North-east can play our part in bringing an end to this incompetent, corrupt and heartless Tory Government by voting for the SNP.”

Former Banffshire and Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson said:

"In Seamus Logan, people can be sure that we will have an energetic and strong local voice to stand up for our vital interests. I am delighted that Seamus will be leading the campaign in Aberdeenshire North and Moray East for the SNP at the next UK election, whenever the election is called.

“I know that Seamus will work hard to earn the trust of voters in this constituency and build on the proud record of service provided to constituents by their SNP representatives at all levels – councillors, MSPs and MPs."

Westminster SNP Group leader Stephen Flynn MP added:

"People in Aberdeenshire North and Moray East have an SNP candidate in Seamus Logan that will bring a lifetime of public service in health and social care, as well as a strong record of standing up for constituents as a local councillor.

"Westminster's dire economic policies are failing communities right across Scotland who, through no fault of their own, are being forced to reckon with the soaring cost of living.

"And with Labour shamelessly tied to the Tory policies causing so much harm to Scottish households, it's abundantly clear they offer no real alternative.

"Seamus Logan joins a strong team of SNP candidates who will stand up for Scotland's values at Westminster while opposing the grim status quo and I look forward to working with him in the months ahead to bring that strong message to voters across Scotland."


Logan Writes to UK Chancellor Calling for end to £50 million Charity Cap

>> 6 February 2024

Fraserburgh councillor and SNP candidate for Aberdeenshire North and Moray East Seamus Logan has written to Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt calling for an end to the £50 million cap on annual charity lottery sales.

The cap significantly impacts the ability of lotteries to increase the amount of funding they can provide to charities – meaning third-sector organisations miss out on millions of pounds worth of support.

The demand for funding from charities has significantly increased amid the Westminster cost of living crisis and the aftermath of the pandemic.

Charity lotteries are the only form of gambling product subject to annual caps on sales – placing an unnecessary ceiling on the amount raised for good causes.

Seamus Logan is backing the People’s Postcode Lottery campaign and called on the UK Government to remove the £50 million sales limit on charity lotteries as a matter of urgency to ensure charities across the country are not missing out on vital funding.

Commenting, Seamus Logan said:

“Due to high inflation and the cost-of-living crisis we are experiencing, the cap is effectively a funding cut for these charities. £50 million today represents a 17.4% decrease in real terms from when the cap was set at that figure in 2020.

“The cap will continue to erode the value of the £50 million every year unless it is lifted or - better still - abolished.

“Over the next five years, 100 charities backed by the People’s Postcode Lottery are set to lose out on over £175 million in extra funding due to the lottery cap.

“It’s disgraceful and astonishing that good causes providing services to some of society’s most vulnerable people will lose out on essential funding due to an outdated and nonsensical regulation and I have written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer voicing those concerns.

“The UK Government has a real chance to make a difference to charities by removing the charity lottery annual sales limit, and it should act now”


SNP Express Shock at Unexpected Closure of Potterton Nursery

>> 15 December 2023

On Wednesday 13th December, families whose children attend Potterton Nursery were informed by Aberdeenshire Council that the setting would not be reopening following a closure for repairs earlier in the year.

Education bosses have chosen to close the setting without any public consultation or community engagement, giving families the options to send children to Balmedie Nursery or encouraged to consider nursery placements in Aberdeen City.

SNP representatives have urged for open consultation and transparency over the reasons for permanent closure of the setting.

In November, families were informed that the setting had to close temporarily due to repairs needed to the heating. Whilst these repairs have been completed, the local authority has now confirmed that they will not reopen the setting as an Early Learning and Childcare setting.

Councillor Jenny Nicol, representing Potterton in the Mid Formartine ward, has been impacted by these closures personally, as one of the families utilising the nursery setting for her own child.

Commenting, Cllr Nicol said:

“Potterton Nursery is an exceptional setting, delivering high standards of learning and care. Families had been offered the opportunity to send their children to Balmedie Nursery earlier in the school year. For these families, we have consistently chosen to have our children at Potterton. because we knew the high levels of care provision and that our children were safe, happy, nurtured and being enabled to develop their capabilities through play based learning and access to the outdoors everyday.

“The families who use these facilities are understandably very upset that a decision has been taken to rip out an essential service from this community and that this decision was taken without any consultation or community engagement is deplorable.”

MSP for Aberdeenshire East, Gillian Martin, added:

“It is hugely disappointing the council have taken the decision to permanently close Potterton Nursery.

“Parents and caregivers have been left in limbo since the facility closed last month unexpectedly and have now been given the surprising news it will close permanently.

“Access to childcare provision locally is a huge asset especially in more rural areas and this decision will have a devastating impact as well as being unsettling for the children who previously attended Potterton Nursery.

“I am also dismayed there has been no consultation process on this matter leaving parents and caregivers completely shut out of any discussion, and I will be writing to Aberdeenshire Council to encourage them to undertake this process.”


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