>> 5 March 2009


Stagecoach have pledged to meet face-to-face with local residents following complaints about the bus service in Boddam.

Peterhead South & Cruden councillor Stephen Smith wrote to local Stagecoach management after receiving complaints from Boddam residents regarding the Service 280. The SNP councillor also met with senior officials from the company at their Aberdeen Headquarters yesterday to discuss this and other issues where a commitment was given to meet with customers in Boddam.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Smith said:

"Stagecoach have investigated the bus services into and out of Boddam over the period and while the vast majority of services ran to time or very close to time, they accept that on several occasions the service did not come up to the standards they would wish and on two occasions did not run at all due to breakdowns.

"Explanations were provided by the company for these and, coupled with the intention of senior management to come to Boddam to meet with their customers, I hope this is an indication of the seriousness that Stagecoach is attaching to the complaints received.

"I hope that these issues are now resolved but clearly this is now a good opportunity for bus users in Boddam to come along once the meeting is arranged and to raise any other issues with Stagecoach. I think that is a helpful thing for the company to do."

It is hoped the meeting can take place in the Public Hall in Boddam in the very near future.

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