>> 18 November 2009

Peterhead South & Cruden councillor Stephen Smith and Community Beat Office Lee Scott of Grampian Police have joined forces to hold a joint surgery for local people today (Wednesday).

A number of local residents took the opportunity to meet PC Scott and Councillor Smith together at Cruden Bay Police Office in a special afternoon surgery. Afterwards, Councillor Smith joined PC Scott on the beat around Cruden Bay when they visited various local shops and businesses.

Commenting on the initiative, Peterhead South & Cruden councillor Stephen Smith said:

"PC Scott and myself attend a lot of the same community meetings and have worked together on problems raised by constituents in the past. Some of the issues we deal with individually involve matters for both the police and the council so it therefore seemed sensible to offer the opportunity for people to meet with us together.

"I'm very grateful to PC Scott for his initiative in suggesting this. It has proved to be very successful and I think it is definitely something we will be looking to repeat in the future."

The surgery took place on Wednesday 18 November from 3.00pm to 4.00pm at Cruden Bay Police Office, Golf Road, Cruden Bay.

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