>> 19 March 2010

Aberdeen North MSP Brian Adam and SNP Gordon Westminster Candidate, Richard Thomson, today visited the Grandhome Charette at the AECC (Friday 19th March).

The Charette has been a week long series of design workshops, presentations and discussions relating to the proposed city extension at Grandhome, Bridge of Don and is designed to maximise public engagement in the design process.

Speaking after his tour at the AECC, Brian Adam commented:

"The displays are very informative and this event gives members of the public an opportunity to have their say on the early planning and design proposals. I would encourage every resident to visit this event and to comment on what they see here. That way their views will have a bearing on the decisions that are eventually made.

"If this project is approved by the Council and building work actually begins it will be too late to change the plans. This event gives local people an opportunity to influence the future of their community and I urge everyone who has not already taken part to visit the AECC before the exhibition closes at 6.30pm on Monday 22 March.

Mr Thomson added:

“I’ve been to quite a lot of planning exhibitions one way and another, but the ‘Charette’ is quite different.

“The opportunity to speak to people actually involved in drawing up the designs and to be able to put your views across is very rare. I’d encourage everyone with an interest in the future development of the area to go along and take part.”

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