SNP Candidate Thomson Comments on Gordon Election Result

>> 11 May 2010

SNP Gordon Westminster Candidate, Richard Thomson, has offered his congratulations to Malcolm Bruce on his re-election as the MP for Gordon, and spoken of his optimism for future SNP prospects in the area.

His comments follow a result which saw the SNP record one of the largest swings away from the Lib Dems anywhere in the UK.

With the Labour and Conservative votes holding steady, Mr Thomson took the SNP from fourth to a comfortable second place, and increased the SNP share of the vote by 6.2% to 10,827 – the party’s highest ever number of votes or indeed share of the vote in a Westminster Election in the constituency.

The Lib Dems saw their share of the vote tumble by 9%, leaving Mr Bruce with his lowest ever share of the vote in the constituency.

Mr Thomson said:

“I’d like to congratulate Mr Bruce on his victory. The campaign was fought in a very good spirit throughout, and I wish all of my fellow candidates well for the future.

“We recorded an impressive result, in the face of a national election campaign dominated by TV debates from which the SNP was excluded. That’s a tribute to the independent-mindedness of voters in Gordon, as well as to our campaign team who worked tirelessly throughout, and gives the SNP enormous credibility for all future contests in the area.

“With the election now over, people’s attentions are now understandably directed towards the formation of a government, and whether the Lib Dems will side with Labour or the Conservatives.

“Given the challenges ahead, I believe that a broad-based alliance stands the best chance of winning the consent needed for real electoral and financial reform, and for winning the best outcomes for the North East.

“In the coalition talks ahead, I hope that Mr Bruce will use wisely the influence he has within his party, guided by the knowledge that combined, the Lib Dem, SNP, Labour and Green share of the vote in Gordon came to 80%.

“SNP MPs stand ready to help build a progressive alliance in Westminster. While obviously I would have loved to have been a part of that, I hope that others will be able to rise to the challenge of delivering the change and style of government which voters in Gordon have backed so emphatically.”

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