>> 27 December 2010

SNP councillor for Fraserburgh & District Brian Topping is calling for Aberdeenshire Council to take action to minimise the effect of the boarded up windows and doors on the ground floor of the town’s Dalrymple Hall.

New windows were recently installed on other floors, which Councillor Topping had been pressing for, but the ground floor facing the harbour has been left with doors and windows boarded up. Now, Councillor Topping has called for the council to take the simple measure of painting on white window frames on a dark background, arguing that this simple and cheap measure will lessen the damaging effect of the boarded up windows until such time as new windows are installed.

In his letter to Allan Whyte, Head of Property at Aberdeenshire Council, Councillor Topping states:

“You will be aware that this majestic building is in much need of refurbishment, although the prospects of that happening would seem remote in the current economic climate. However, the ground floor doors and windows have meantime been boarded up to prevent vandalism, and I attach a photograph which illustrates the deleterious effect which this has on the streetscape.

“Given Fraserburgh’s designation as a regeneration area, I feel that it is very important that everything possible should be done to reverse the air of dilapidation which has affected so many areas of the town. I would therefore like to suggest that it would be a relatively small investment to have the boarding painted dark grey with white ‘frames’ and ‘astragals’ to replicate the windows on the upper floors, which would greatly improve the appearance.

“I look forward to receiving your response, which I may share with my constituents, and other interested parties.”

Commenting on his letter, Councillor Topping said:

“I was delighted when the new windows were finally installed in the Dalrymple Hall, but the ground floor has been left boarded up and this send out a very poor image of the town.

“While I appreciate that money is tight for the council at the moment, I am suggesting that the effect of the boarded up windows and the impression this conveys of the town could be minimised for the cost of a few tins of paint. I hope that the council will take on board this constructive suggestion.”

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