>> 14 December 2010


Local Gordon MSP, Alex Salmond, has today welcomed the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Awards for All’ announcement that three local groups are set to receive their share of £23,843.

Meldrum Play has recently received £10,000 to upgrade and improve the children's play equipment at Meldrum play park. This grant for £10,000 will fund a ‘Scotplay’ bird's nest.

Elsewhere, Turriff and District Ltd received £10,000 to hold a MotorFest event for local people, to encourage safe and responsible road use by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The event will cover various themes such as safety and mechanics. It will also involve a show element focusing on motorbikes, classic cars and modified cars. The group will hold workshops with local young people who will help plan, organise and manage the event.

Kinellar Primary School also received a £3,843 grant to start a new extracurricular gymnastics club initially for pupils in P1-3.

Congratulating the groups, Mr Salmond said:

“These are all worth recipients of extra funding, and I know it will go a long way to helping these groups develop programmes to benefit the community.

“I would like to congratulate Jackie Insch and everyone at Meldrum Play for securing £10,000, which I know will go a long way to improving Meldrum play park. It is great that Meldrum Play is able to provide such high-quality facilities for our children.

“I would also like to congratulate Carolyn Maniukiewicz and everyone at Turriff and District Ltd for their grant success, Many of us know all too well the dangers of the road and the tragedy that dangerous driving can cause. Turriff and District Ltd will be carrying out vital educational work in this regard, but this will also be a fun and light-hearted event which I’m sure will draw in the crowds.

“The team at Kinellar Primary School also deserve our congratulations for securing £8,843 to go towards their gymnastics club. I am told the funding will go towards training for the different equipment involved in the club’s activities, which will open up a whole new way to keep fit for the pupils at Kinellar.”

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