Merson Backs Police Crackdown on Speeding

>> 24 June 2012

Grampian Police has announced that as a result of the repeated complaints of speeding in Formartine, a period of enforcement took place from 14 May to 8 June 2012 whereby two officers per day from the Formartine Local Policing Team were deployed to proactively enforce the speed limits in the Communities across the whole of the Formartine Area.

The Officers involved were from the three Local Policing Team Police Stations at Ellon, Turriff and Oldmeldrum. The action was as a direct result of public engagement during the Local Community Planning process whereby speeding was by far the single most complained about problem. In addition the problem has also been highlighted by the various Community Councils and Councillors across the area as well.

Inspector Steve Pratt, the Formartine Local Policing Team Inspector said, 

"Speeding has regularly featured as an issue concerning the public in my Policing Area and our response has traditionally been to deploy officers to deal with the issue as and when they had time, which competed with the other demands placed on them. I decided that a more direct approach was needed to let the public see that we are listening to them and that we are prepared to act on their concerns and feed back what we have done."

Inspector Pratt continued, 

"I work very closely with the Local Community Planning Group, the Community Councils and the local Councillors who have all had complaints made to them about this problem.  During the course of the enforcement period my officers carried out a total of 80 speed checks amounting to nearly 60 hours.  During that time over 100 drivers were warned and 20 were charged with speeding and other offences.  I am pleased that only 20 drivers were actually charged as the exercise was not only about enforcement but also about a high visibility presence in the communities,  providing the reassurance to the public that their complaints are taken seriously.”

The speed checks were carried out in 17 communities across Formartine, including Ellon, Turriff, Oldmeldrum, Balmedie, Tarves, Fyvie, Newburgh, Methlick, Rothienorman and Pitmedden and several of the smaller settlements such as Udny Green, Udny Station and Cultercullen.

Councillor Rob Merson, Chair of the Formartine Area Committee added, 

"Unfortunately, speeding in built-up areas continues to be one of the most prevalent complaints which I receive from my constituents. I have been working closely with the Formartine Police Team over recent months, and I am extremely grateful to Inspector Steve Pratt and his officers for their very positive and pro-active response to this problem."

Inspector Pratt concluded by saying, 

"My officers will continue to enforce the speed limits in the local communities and all drivers have a responsibility to ensure that they driving in such a manner that they will not fall foul of the law."

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