SNP Shadow Council Leader Comments on Labour Joining Aberdeenshire Council Administration

>> 8 January 2013

Commenting on the news that Labour's two Aberdeenshire Councillors are to formally join the ruling Aberdeenshire Council administration, SNP Shadow Council Leader Hamish Vernal said:

“This might come as a surprise to the voters who elected Labour's two councillors, but it's hardly a surprise for anyone who has been watching how they have behaved since May.

“Time after time, Councillors Evison and Christie have voted slavishly in support of the Tory-led administration, even to the extent of voting against plans to increase the support available to classroom assistants.”

The administration recently lost a member when Fraserburgh and District Councillor Ian Tait walked out, making it vulnerable to losing votes. Remarking that the inclusion of Labour could actually make the administration even less stable, Cllr Vernal added:

“The administration is clearly trying to shore up its increasingly shaky anyone-but the-SNP alliance of convenience. However, I can't imagine that many of the Independents in the administration will be too thrilled about having to explain to their voters that they have allied themselves with yet another party – especially when that party is Labour.

“At least now this arrangement is out in the open, voters will be able to see clearly how Labour's councillors are happy to put their support of Tory and Liberal policies ahead of their principles.”

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