"Excellent By-Election Victory" in Donside - Mark McDonald

>> 21 June 2013


Following the Scottish National Party victory in the Aberdeen Donside by-election, the new SNP MSP for the constituency Mark McDonald MSP said:

"This is an excellent by-election victory for the SNP, and a strong vote of confidence in the Scottish Government, our billon pound investment programme for Aberdeen, and the legacy of Brian Adam.

"When Brian first won the seat his majority was 457, and I am delighted to have a majority of 2,025. And when people in Donside last went to the polls, in last year's local elections, the SNP won 39.5 per cent to Labour's 34.3 per cent - which means that we have done even better in the by-election, and Labour have done worse.

"This was the by-election that no-one wanted, and I pledge to do all I can to be as effective a representative for the people of Donside as Brian was - starting with action to get the Labour/Tory council to reverse their deeply misguided school closure plans in the constituency."

SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond said:

"This is a fantastic SNP win, and Mark McDonald will be a first-class representative for the people of Donside.

"Midway into our second term of government, and we have comfortably retained a seat which Labour once held - their failure to make significant progress is a major setback, and a rejection of the Cuts Commission agenda of Johann Lamont.

"When the SNP secured a 9 per cent swing in the Inverclyde by-election in 2011, Labour said that 'the SNP bandwagon has ground to a halt'!

"This is a very bad result for Labour - after six years of opposition, they show no sign of being anything more than an opposition party.

"I am also delighted that UKIP failed to retain their deposit - they have never saved a single deposit in Scotland, which once again demonstrates a clear divergence between Scottish and Westminster politics."

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