SNP Comment on Energetica Assurances

>> 13 June 2013


Aberdeenshire SNP Councillors have welcomed high-level assurances that the local authority remains committed to the Energetica project and that the project remains on track, after the Council's Vice Chairman of Infrastructure Services had called the future of the project into question.

Concerns over the future of the project had been raised after comments appeared in an intermittent newsletter distributed by Cllr Alan Buchan - the Vice Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council's Infrastructure Services Committee - which made the claim that the multi-million pound development project had 'stalled'.

Under questioning from SNP Peterhead South & Cruden councillor Stuart Pratt at today's meeting of Aberdeenshire Council's Policy and Resources Committee, Director of Infrastructure Services Stephen Archer flatly contradicted claims that the project was in any way 'stalled', and reaffirmed the Council's commitment to ensuring that it is delivered.

Welcoming the reassurance, Cllr Pratt criticised the earlier comments made by Cllr Buchan, which he described as "hugely embarrassing" for the Aberdeenshire Alliance administration, of which Cllr Buchan is a senior member.

Councillor Pratt said:

"The Energetica Project is vitally important for the future prosperity of Aberdeenshire. Given the crucial role of Aberdeenshire Council as a partner in delivering the project, it simply beggars belief that the Vice Chairman of the council's Infrastructure Services Committee can make these kind of false and potentially damaging statements about the future of the project with apparent impunity.

"This is not the first time that Cllr Buchan has made wild and unsubstantiated claims which the current administration has been forced to distance itself from. It has to be asked exactly what the Vice-Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee has to gain by making these inaccurate and misleading statements.

"Cllr Buchan's latest outburst must be hugely embarrassing to the current administration, who are fully supportive of the Energetica Project."

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