Salmond Welcomes Poll Advances as Local SNP Unveil New Team

>> 4 March 2014

First Minister and SNP MSP for Aberdeenshire East Alex Salmond has told a meeting of local party members that opinion across Scotland is swinging towards a 'Yes' vote in September's independence referendum.

Mr Salmond made his remarks as he chaired the Annual General Meeting of the Aberdeenshire East SNP Constituency Association in New Deer, where a new team of local office bearers was unveiled for the year ahead.

The group, which co-ordinates the party's local campaigning activity, will take forward the SNP contribution to the Yes Campaign in Scotland's independence referendum year.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Salmond highlighted recent opinion polling and told members that the “weight of campaigning across the country” being undertaken by 'Yes' activists was having a measurable impact on those polling figures.

“There's a clear direction of travel, month by month, poll by poll, reflected in these figures”, he said. “People's minds are changing because of the activity which is taking place on the ground. That's something which the 'No' campaign just can't match.”

Speaking afterwards, Constituency Association Vice-Convener, Mid-Formartine Councilor Allan Hendry, said that the local party was in excellent shape for what would be a historic year for Scotland.

“Over the past year, SNP members have been playing their part, together with members of other parties and people of no party political affiliation, in campaigning for a ‘Yes’ vote”
, he said.

“In that time, we’ve taken the message to local people through leaflets, newspapers, by knocking on doors and through organising street stalls and holding public meetings. With similar activity taking place right across Scotland to bring more information to voters, it’s no surprise that the opinion poll gap is starting to narrow.

“Between now and September, we’ll be stepping up our local activity and taking the positive message of the ‘Yes’ campaign to as many people and places across Aberdeenshire East as we possibly can”, he continued. “I’d urge anyone who wants Scotland to be independent and a better and fairer place for future generations to live in to get in touch with us so that they too can play their part.”

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