Designation of Fraserburgh Town Centre as Conservation Area Could Unlock More Funding for Town

>> 15 January 2015

Proposals are being progressed for the designation of a Conservation Area in Fraserburgh Town Centre with associated funding bids to Historic Scotland (Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme) and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Funding will be used to support regeneration of the built heritage of the town and wider regeneration initiatives. The proposals form part of the overall regeneration drive in Fraserburgh which is supported by Aberdeenshire Council’s Regeneration Strategy.

The applications, and identification of match funding from council and other sources, were backed by councillors at today’s meeting of the Policy & Resources Committee.

Commenting, Fraserburgh SNP councillor Charles Buchan said:

“I’m delighted that this project, of which I have been a keen supporter since my election, is going ahead. This will help to give a much needed lift to the town centre, as there is a good possibility that outside grant money from Historic Scotland, and the National Lottery, will be available to give businesses up to 75% grants, on top of the existing Council funding for regeneration, such as in Retail Plus.

“Fraserburgh has a number of very important buildings in terms of their architectural merit and if this can be used to lever in more regeneration funding to support this aspect of our built heritage and further bring the town centre up to standard then I fully support it.

“I’m particularly pleased that the council have listened to the representations of myself and colleagues and the Council Chambers building is specifically earmarked for a sum of money. It is an important part of the Broch’s history and is a public building and access by the public and local organisations to it needs to be maintained.”

Fraserburgh SNP councillor Brian Topping added:

“This is more good news for Fraserburgh. While these are only bids for funding at this stage, I’m hopeful that the very strong case which will be presented for Fraserburgh, coupled with the examples of what has been achieved by the town working in partnership already, will give us the best possible chance of success.”

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