Strichen Mini-Gala Commended by SNP Candidate

>> 2 September 2015

SNP candidate for Aberdeenshire East Gillian Martin has praised the organisers of this year’s Strichen Mini-Gala for their efforts.

Gillian attended the event at the weekend and got involved in the judging of the children’s pet parade and fancy dress contests (photos attached).

Commenting, Gillian said:

“I had a tremendous time at Strichen and really must congratulate the organisers of the Mini-Gala on their efforts. It was good to see the community getting behind the event and I hope it goes from strength to strength.”

Central Buchan SNP councillor Lenny Pirie added:

“Strichen Gala was a mainstay of the village for many years and helped fund the building of the Ritchie Hall. It’s great to see the Mini-Gala being so successful and particularly the number of young people involved in the organising of it and they deserve to be commended for organising a successful event.

“I’m grateful also to Gillian Martin for coming along and supporting the Mini-Gala and for getting involved on the day.”

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