Council Leaders Back Gillian Martin for Aberdeenshire East

>> 18 April 2016

The two Co-Leaders of Aberdeenshire Council have today given their backing to the SNP's Gillian Martin to be the next Member of the Scottish Parliament for Aberdeenshire East.

The endorsement for the SNP candidate comes as the campaign enters its final fortnight.

The Co-Leaders of Aberdeenshire Council have supported Gillian to succeed Alex Salmond as the MSP for Aberdeenshire East, and have spoken positively of her commitment to the local area and her passion for improving the North-east.

Councillor Richard Thomson, SNP Councillor for Ellon & District and Co-Leader of Aberdeenshire Council, said:

“Gillian is an exceptional person who has a wide range of experience in life outside politics. I've got no doubt she will be a superb MSP for Aberdeenshire East and will soon make her mark in the Scottish Parliament as a doughty and fearless champion for our area."

Councillor Martin Kitts-Hayes, Co-Leader of Aberdeenshire Council who was elected as a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Inverurie & District at the last Council elections, said:

“Gillian is a very impressive individual who is totally committed to improving the lives of people and communities in Aberdeenshire. Any party would be delighted to have someone of Gillian's calibre as a candidate to replace Alex Salmond - I'm delighted to be giving her my personal support to be the next MSP for Aberdeenshire East.”

SNP Candidate for Aberdeenshire East Gillian Martin welcomed the support, adding:

"I am delighted to have the backing of Richard and Martin, who are well-respected local Councillors.

"It is particularly welcome to have the support of Martin. People across the North-east who may have voted Lib Dem in the past are increasingly realising that it is only the SNP who can be trusted to take action and deliver for the North-east - over £1 billion has been invested in the North-east by the SNP Scottish Government from £224 million in key infrastructure improvements to a new £37 million academy for Inverurie to extra funding for NHS Grampian.

"In this election, I am asking voters to elect me as their local MSP, and to use their second vote to elect Nicola Sturgeon as their First Minister."

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