Councillors Welcome Scottish Government Cash Aid for Aberdeenshire

>> 1 February 2017

The Scottish Government is giving more than £2 million to Aberdeenshire Council to help repair damage caused by Storm Frank.

The £2.06 million of emergency funding through the Bellwin Scheme comes on top of £2 million allocated to the council in 2016 to ensure every home, business, or charity directly affected by last year's extreme floods received help.

The Bellwin Scheme is discretionary funding to help councils facing an undue financial burden as a result of large-scale emergencies.

Local authorities in the North-east also received more than £10 million funding this financial year to take forward priority flood protection schemes in their areas.

Announcing the extra funding, Finance Secretary Derek Mackay said:

"There's no doubt that Aberdeenshire was among the areas hit the hardest by last year's flooding, which is why this £2 million of funding will be welcome news to the council and communities affected by Storm Frank.

"This support through the Bellwin scheme will help Aberdeenshire Council meet some of the immediate and unforeseen costs of the flood damage.

"The Scottish Government is committed to working to reduce flood risk across Scotland and has committed £420 million over the next 10 years to protect homes in many of our most flood-prone areas."

Cllr Richard Thomson, Co-Leader of Aberdeenshire Council, said:

"There was a tremendous response in aftermath of flooding. Swift action was required and Aberdeenshire Council made full use of own resources to make sure that everything which needed to be done was done.

“The costs and claims of recovery as many individuals and businesses will know is something which is ongoing. I am very pleased that the Scottish Government has provided this support to help underwrite the costs incurred by Aberdeenshire Council in the recovery and rebuilding process."

SNP councillor for Aboyne, Upper Deeside & Donside Geva Blackett added:

“Communities in my Ward faced a desperate situation which both the Scottish Government and the council recognised needed urgent action. This funding is especially welcome to help recover some of the costs we incurred in reconnecting communities and dealing with the immediate aftermath of the storm”.

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