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>> 28 March 2017

Local Commitment and Experience

Macduff man Ricky Taylor has been selected by local SNP members to stand for election to Aberdeenshire Council. Ricky hopes to join colleague Ross Cassie in representing Troup Ward.
Ricky Taylor, 20, is a community support worker from Macduff. He was educated at Macduff Primary School and Banff Academy before starting his working life in the care sector. Ricky has been involved in several community groups in Troup, and is a former member of Banff & Macduff Community Council - involvement in these groups gave Ricky the drive to get the very best for his community.

Ricky takes a strong interest in local education, the tourism sector and also Health & Social Care, primarily mental health.

Ross Cassie, 55, is married with two daughters and lives in Macduff with his wife, Sue. Prior to being elected as a councillor for the Troup Ward at a by-election in 2014, Ross worked as a driving test examiner and prior to that served with the West Midlands Police.

Commenting, Ricky Taylor said:

“I’m very pleased to have been selected by the local SNP members in the area and for someone of my age to be given the opportunity to serve their community.

“A sense of community is important and I absolutely believe that local government should stand for local communities and local issues. I also believe that it is local people that can make all the difference."

Cllr Ross Cassie said:

“I’m delighted Ricky is standing for election. It would be a very good thing to get someone of Ricky’s age elected on to the council so we have a range of ages and views on the council we can draw on.

“It has been a privilege to represent Troup Ward and I am delighted to be a candidate to represent the ward again.

“Macduff and the rest of the Moray Firth coast is now at a crossroads in terms of its development. It is time to consider what we want our communities to look like in the future. If re-elected I will continue the dialogue that I am already having on this issue and work with partners and residents to create a vision for the future which the area deserves.”

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