Commitment to Dalrymple Hall Welcomed

>> 21 April 2017

Fraserburgh SNP councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping, and local council candidate David Donn, have welcomed the commitment made at yesterday’s meeting of Aberdeenshire Council’s Business Services Committee to the town’s Dalrymple Hall.

Commenting, Cllr Charles Buchan said:

"We are delighted that the Council has agreed to retain the Dalrymple Hall and that the need for investment in the building has been identified. The hall, as well as being Fraserburgh’s Town Hall, is one of Aberdeenshire’s best known arts centres.

“We are aware that the building has been neglected by the previous Tory, Independent, and LibDem administrations, and have asked for badly-needed repairs and enhancements to the fabric of the building, to improve the auditorium, interior decoration, and accessibility. We hope that hall users will engage with us to make sure their views are heard. These improvements could greatly enhance our provision for arts and culture.

“Along with the other multi-million pounds investments in the town in the last two years, and the proposals for Fraserburgh in the 2017 local SNP manifesto, this shows that we have worked hard for the interests of the people of Fraserburgh, and should go a long way to satisfy the ambitions of our young people, and the arts community, and will enhance our high reputation for the arts.”

Cllr Charles Buchan, as vice-chair of the Education Committee, has successfully worked for the past two years to bring the northern hub of the world-famous Royal Conservatoire to Fraserburgh, and arrangements are being made to work with local schools, and groups to benefit our youth.

Cllr Brian Topping, as chair of the Fraserburgh Regeneration Group is working to use arts involvement as a regeneration vehicle for Fraserburgh and the villages.

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