Parking Issues at New Sports Centre: Glen Reynolds Welcomes 'Urgent Consideration'

>> 28 April 2017

SNP candidate for Banff & District Glen Reynolds has welcomed a commitment from Aberdeenshire Council that parking issues around the new Deveron Sports & Community Centre will be given “urgent consideration” by the council.

Residents in Bellevue Road raised concerns over parking congestion in the area with Mr Reynolds who took the matter up with local MSP Stewart Stevenson. Now, the local MSP has received a response from the council’s Area Manager stating:

“The Chief Executive has asked me to give this matter urgent consideration and a suite of measures will be developed not only to encourage responsible car parking but also car usage.”

Commenting, Glen Reynolds said:

"Wonderful resources like the new sports facility in Banff, can result in nearby residents becoming victims of the success and popularity of such a popular venue.

“Following concerns raised by local residents and in collaboration with the MSP, I am very pleased that Aberdeenshire Council is taking the view such parking issues require urgent attention. I envisage some measures being taken to ensure that parking in designated areas is prioritised, but I think that there are other measures we all have to consider these days, such as car sharing where possible. It is not an easy problem to solve."

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