Regeneration Annual Review Looks to Future

>> 6 November 2017

A report has been published outlining regeneration activity in Peterhead over the last year to look at progress and open discussion on what regeneration means for the development of the town.

The regeneration strategy “Developing Excellence in our North Coast Communities” has been in operation in Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Banff and Macduff since 2016.

This particular report focusses on Peterhead and looks at the work undertaken so far, progress and what regeneration means for the future of the town.

Although the council has overall responsibility for local regeneration, it cannot work alone and partnership working with the local residential and business communities is vital for success.

Local partnerships with local business and community representatives have been established in each of the four towns. This is to allow each partnership to set out the vision for regeneration within their own town. Each of the partnerships has developed their own Vision and Action Plan.

The vision for Peterhead is that it is the vibrant economic heart of Buchan, reaching out to the world through its maritime industry, enterprise, ambition, culture and its communities.

It also looks to improve local facilities, including a diverse, quality, family-friendly shopping/leisure experience and evening economy with interesting cultural events.

The partnership intends to bring communities together, with a renewed civic confidence and pride of place, ensuring an independent, energised, committed and supportive community town.

Transformational change takes time and the Vision and Action Plan look over a five year period up to 2021 to initiate longer term change while providing shorter and medium term interventions which provide momentum and confidence to business and the community.

Peterhead South & Cruden councillor, Stephen Smith, Chair of the Peterhead Development Partnership, welcomed the report, stating:

“Successful regeneration is a partnership and Aberdeenshire Council is one of many potential investors and contributors to the improvements that are necessary in our town,” he said.

“It is also about people, so we need to invest in them to be able to develop our potential as Aberdeenshire’s most successful town.

“This year we have seen the planning, funding and opening of Compass Point, supporting people to get back into employment and make good life choices; Regeneration funding contributed significantly to the £100,000 of investment in Your Voice Your Choice, empowering community groups across Peterhead to develop their capacity and make Peterhead a better place to live.

“We have continued to work on reducing gull nuisance in the town centre and we have supported Theatre Modo to develop the foundations of a new cultural evolution in Peterhead and there are many other pieces of work in the pipeline which will make a real difference to people and businesses.”

The Annual Review of the regeneration strategy as it applies to Peterhead is available from the council’s Buchan House offices, or online:

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