Local SNP Councillor Raises Road Safety Concerns Around Auchterellon School

>> 28 March 2018

Ellon and District SNP Councillor, Anouk Kloppert, has this week raised concerns about safety around Auchterellon School at pick up and drop off times following a car crash there last week.

Cllr Kloppert was made aware this week that a child minder was involved in a car collision on March 21st due to decreased visibility at one of the junction near to the school.

No one was hurt in the incident, but it has increased safety concerns for pedestrians and drivers in the area during the busy school start and finish times. Cllr Kloppert believes that the incident was due to the irresponsibly parking of cars during these times, which make it difficult to see and travel around junctions.

This week, Cllr Kloppert met on site with some of the parents of pupils of the school, and with Sergeant Sawyers of Police Scotland.

Cllr Kloppert said:

“I am very happy that the local police Sergeant was very quick in coming to meet me to discuss these concerns, and to discuss ways in which we can raise awareness of the effect of irresponsible parking in the area.

“This junction specifically has been a worrying crossing for a lot of residents of the area when it is busy with traffic during school drop off and pick up times. If the problem is not addressed, more parents will be unwilling to let their children walk to school, which will exacerbate the problem.

“Some essential suggestions have been made by Sergeant Sawers, which he has now summarised in writing, and I will pass these suggestions on to the relevant council departments and officers”

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