Partnership Group Comment on Waste Funding Announcement

>> 2 April 2019

The SNP and Labour/Communities Partnership Group on Aberdeenshire Council have reacted to today’s announcement that Aberdeenshire Council’s bid for funding from Zero Waste Scotland to roll-out its controversial changes to household waste uplifts has been refused.

It is understood the decision relates to the review of Scotland’s Household Waste Recycling Charter, which is to be undertaken once the full implications of the proposed Deposit Return Scheme are known.

Commenting, Infrastructure Services Committee member Cllr Stephen Smith (SNP-Peterhead South & Cruden) said:

"It might not seem like it at the moment but this is probably a blessing in disguise. The proposals for three bins which the council administration voted through would have meant households moving from 120l/week to 60l/week waste for household refuse and proved hugely unpopular. As I said at the time, that risked trying to go too far too soon and risked alienating householders who were already trying to do their best to recycle.

"This 'setback' gives an opportunity to come up with something more realistic and which is more in line with emerging thinking on the circular economy. I hope the Administration will take opportunity to think again about how we can improve recycling rates in Aberdeenshire in a way which works with public goodwill and support."

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