Opposition Partnership Secure Review into Fitness Room Usage for Young People

>> 6 June 2019

At a meeting of the Communities Committee on Thursday 6th June, opposition Councillors at Aberdeenshire Council sought and received an assurance that Aberdeenshire Council would review its policy in respect of under 16’s using fitness rooms throughout the area.

Current arrangements mean that under 16s cannot use the fitness rooms unaccompanied in Aberdeenshire, despite this being allowed in a number of local authorities. Officers also confirmed that under 16’s who follow a National Governing Body Programme for fitness can currently request usage of fitness suites, but this would need to be agreed by the local authority.

Commenting, Opposition Spokesperson for Communities, Cllr Gwyneth Petrie (SNP) said:

“This issue was recently brought to our attention, and I am delighted that officers have agreed to review this over the Summer period.

“Physical wellbeing has been well linked to mental wellbeing, and allowing more access to our fitness suites can only be beneficial for the young people of Aberdeenshire. It will also mean that young people are not having to travel outwith Aberdeenshire to use such facilities – making it easier for them, and promoting usage of our own fitness suites."

Cllr Glen Reid (SNP) added:

“I only recently discovered that 14 year-olds were unable to use the gym unaccompanied when my son was refused and had to use a gym in Aberdeen. This is a ridiculous situation whereby young adults need to organise travel to another local authority area to participate in healthy activities.

I welcome the review as we have excellent facilities within Aberdeenshire Council’s control, and we need to remove any barriers preventing people from accessing fitness, starting with young adults.”

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