SNP Announces Geoff Crowson and David Mair as Council Candidates for Central Buchan

>> 29 March 2022

The SNP has chosen Geoff Crowson and David Mair to be the Party’s candidates in the Central Buchan ward in the upcoming local government election on 5th May.

The SNP are standing two candidates in the four member ward of Central Buchan. Local elections are carried out using the Single Transferrable Vote system, that allows voters to select candidates in order of preference rather than by marking an X next to one candidate.

Geoff Crowson lives in New Pitsligo where he is a foster parent with his wife Emma. Mr Crowson has extensive experience in the hospitality sector as a publican, a DJ in catering. Mr Crowson has also worked in the fishing industry and offshore in the oil industry. He is now a self-employed handyman.

Geoff Crowson said:

“Like many a Buchan loon, I’ve worked in fishing and the offshore oil industry, have been a builder, publican and have fond memories of ‘Shaggy’s Mobile Disco’ from my earlier entrepreneurial days. I believe it’s fair to say, 'I have been about Buchan'. This experience has given me insight into the needs of our business community that would be valuable in a local councillor

“I have lived in the Buchan community all my life. My wife Emma and I have been foster-carers for many years, an experience that has given me an insight into the wide range of responsibilities of Aberdeenshire Council and the difference to ordinary people’s lives a well-run local authority can make, which is something I believe I can contribute even more deeply towards.

“If elected, I intend to bring the full weight of my knowledge and experience of local issues, to find solutions to the real problems people in our community face in these challenging times.”

David Mair has lived in Mintlaw for over thirty years. He and his wife Briony, a primary school head teacher, have raised their three boys in the local community. Mr Mair worked as an accountant for several engineering firms and for the last decade has been a local postman in Mintlaw.

Commenting, Mr Mair said:

“Our three sons all attended Mintlaw Primary School and Mintlaw Academy and benefited from both. They also gained a great deal from joining Mintlaw Boys Club and thoroughly enjoyed the chance this gave them to have fun with like-minded friends.

“That family experience and my wife’s as headteacher at a local primary school gives me insight into the importance of strong resilient communities, where health, education, housing, social amenities and excellent connectivity to the wider world make a real difference to the lives of local people. These are matters that, as a long-established local resident with a stake in our community, I believe I can bear upon to make a positive difference for us all.

“I feel I owe Central Buchan a great deal and see becoming a local councillor as the ideal opportunity to begin to repay that debt. It would be an honour if the people of Central Buchan elected me to represent this area on 5th May.”

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