SNP Candidates Welcome Scottish Government Support for New 4G Mast Serving Turriff Area

>> 13 April 2022

SNP Candidates for Turriff and District Susan DuBois and Cllr Alastair Forsyth have welcomed an additional 4G mast which has been built and activated in Turriff at an infamous “not spot”.

The mast has recently been built and activated as part of the Scottish 4G Infill Programme (S4GI) which forms part of the Scottish Government’s Mobile Action Plan.

The programme was established following recognition of the need for direct government support to fund the deployment of 4G masts in some of the most rural areas of Scotland.

SNP Councillor for Turriff and District Alastair Forsyth said:

“This is welcome news. The commissioning of the 4G telecoms mast at Bogton will greatly improve communications in the Turriff area. Rural settlements need good communications to attract and maintain the communities that live there. I have witnessed first-hand the benefits that new masts provide. Digital connectivity is essential for our school children learning online, while farmers, businesses and service providers need to communicate with their customers and help keep them competitive with more urban settings.”

Susan DuBois who is also a candidate for the SNP in Turriff & District added:

“Living as I do in a remote rural area, I know how challenging it can be if you are reliant on copper to exchange telecoms systems which do not have the capacity to offer a good broadband connection. This new 4G connection will improve the lives of people in rural areas significantly.”

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