Peterhead Councillor Welcomes Conservation Works on Town's Memorials

>> 4 November 2022

Peterhead South and Cruden SNP councillor Stephen Smith has welcomed the current works being carried out to repair and conserve the town’s war memorials.

The works are being carried out with the help of a £6,000 grant from the War Memorials Trust Grants Scheme.

Aberdeenshire Council, which submitted the application, is working alongside the Peterhead branch of the Royal British Legion on the project and will provide additional funding to complete the scheme.

Peterhead-based granite memorial specialist Duncan Ross has been tasked with undertaking the conservation work on the memorials – located in the historic St Peter’s Cemetery overlooking Peterhead Bay – and is currently undertaking cleaning, repainting of the lettering, general repairs and sensitive improvements.

War Memorials Trust member and councillor for Peterhead South and Cruden, Stephen Smith, said:

“I’m very pleased these works are being carried out in the centenary year of the memorial and will stand it in good stead for many years to come. I am grateful to the War Memorials Trust for their support for this project.”

Frances Moreton, Director, War Memorials Trust said:

“War memorials connect us today to those who have given their lives in conflicts throughout history. Conserving them will ensure future generations can continue to pay their respects. War Memorials Trust was delighted to support this project and hopes it will ensure the war memorial remains a focal point for the community. Anyone concerned about any other war memorials that might need help should contact the charity, or if you believe it is important to preserve our war memorial heritage please donate to help us sustain our work.”

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