Broch Councillor Seamus Logan Calls for Investment in A952 Cortes-Toll of Birness Road

>> 23 May 2023

Aberdeenshire Council’s Banff and Buchan Area Committee has heard a call for investment and improvements to the A952 Cortes to Toll of Birness road from Fraserburgh SNP councillor Seamus Logan.

At today’s meeting of the Area Committee, councillors received an update report from council officers on Roads and Infrastructure proposals. Despite a budget of more than £1.3million, councillors did not hear any proposals to upgrade the A952.

Councillor Logan expressed serious concerns at the meeting and afterwards, commenting:

“I’m dismayed about the apparent lack of focus on this important route which is essential to a wide range of industries and road users not only in Fraserburgh and District but also for other communities using this route on a daily basis.

“You only have to look at the quality of the A90 which runs through Peterhead with regard to red and green cats-eyes on verges, white line markings, verge reflectors and safety signage to see that the A952 could be so much better and safer.

“When we enter the winter period particularly, this route becomes quite dangerous and these relatively low-cost improvements could help prevent serious injury or the loss of life. I note that the regeneration plans for Fraserburgh include consultation on potential improvements to the A90 and A952, and I’m calling on Aberdeenshire Council to have a rethink about this year’s programme so that we see some of these improvements in the short term.”

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