Faulty Road Signs Back in Action Within 36 Hours After MP & Huntly Councillor Intervene

>> 3 November 2023

Gordon MP Richard Thomson and local councillor for Huntly Gwyneth Petrie have welcomed the swift action from Amey Highways to restore to working order the new electronic safety signs on the A96/A920 junction.

The signs were installed recently by Transport Scotland as part of road safety improvements at the junction but it is understood a faulty battery caused an outage earlier this week – leading to a Conservative MSP issuing a statement blaming the Scottish Government.

Commenting, Gordon MP Richard Thomson said:

“My office contacted Amey Highways, which is directly responsible for maintaining the signs, as did local councillor Gwyneth Petrie. While the Aberdeen-bound sign is working, they advised that there’s a fault with the battery on the Keith-bound carriageway sign.

“While it’s obviously disappointing that a fault has developed so soon after installation, Amey advised would return to the site to replace the faulty battery and carry out further tests to ensure that the sign is working as intended. Amey did so within 24 hours of being alerted to the fault so I am grateful to their staff for their efforts to get the signs working again so quickly.

“I’d have to say in passing though, that I find it odd that the first reaction of an MSP on discovering a fault with a road sign was to issue a statement attacking the Scottish Government, rather than focussing on getting the fault fixed.”

Cllr Gwyneth Petrie (SNP-Huntly, Strathbogie and Howe of Alford) added:

“A faulty battery on a road sign is not a political issue and if an MSP wants to get involved in that then it should be from the point of view of trying to get it fixed rather than attacking the Scottish Government.

“I’m pleased that working with the local MP we’ve managed to get this fixed thanks to Amey’s local team. We will continue to advocate for further road improvements and to support the Scottish Government’s stated aim of upgrading the A96 to dualled status.”

Amey Highways can be alerted to road defects and faults via an online reporting form here: Report a problem | North East Trunk Roads ( or by contacting their control room Contact us | North East Trunk Roads (

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