Robertson & Dick Welcome Laurencekirk Regeneration Cash Boost

>> 15 November 2009

Joy as Mearns Town Nets £467,000 for Improvements

SNP Westminster candidate for West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine Dennis Robertson and Mearns SNP councillor Jean Dick have expressed their delight at the announcement that Laurencekirk has been successful in bidding for funding from the SNP Government's Town Centre Regeneration Fund.

A submission was put forward under the auspices of the Dickson Hall Trust and Minister for Housing & Communities Alex Neil MSP confirmed today that Laurencekirk's bid had been successful.

Local SNP councillor Jean Dick said:

"I'm delighted that Laurencekirk is set to benefit from this latest round of Scottish Government regeneration funding. The town centre has suffered in recent years, but this cash will help support new local initiatives and make some much-needed improvements.

"I am glad the SNP Government has recognised the importance of the town centre to the wider community, and is providing the support needed to move things forward. My congratulations go to all those in the Trust who were involved in the successful bid."

SNP Westminster candidate for West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine Dennis Robertson, added:

“The announcement of funding for the Dickson Hall is a fantastic boost for the Mearns. This is another example of an SN Government supporting a project which will meet the needs of the community of Laurencekirk and the surrounding area.

“After many years of under investment by the Labour/Lib Dem Executive, the SNP Government have a lot to be proud of in the Mearns. The re-opening of Laurencekirk station and the work to build a new Mearns Academy are further examples of real support which will improve the lives of people living in the Mearns.

“Recent criticism from Mike Rumbles about the lack of investment in the North-east is once again shown to be unfounded. Perhaps if he and others hadn’t voted to spend £500 million on the Edinburgh Tram project then there would be even more money available to spend locally.

“Even Mike Rumbles might just concede that this announcement is good for the people of the Mearns and the Government is to be congratulated!”

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