>> 15 February 2010

Inverurie SNP politicians have reacted with delight to the news that the town is to benefit from the building of 24 new council houses.
Confirmation of the plans came in a report submitted to the Social Work and Housing Committee of Aberdeenshire Council.

The new wave of homes, all of which will be available for rent, are being built with the help of financial support from the Scottish Government. Overall, Aberdeenshire will benefit to the tune of £2.75m of government money, which will see 110 brand new homes being built for rent.

Inverurie SNP Councillor Bryan Stuart said:

“It’s been a long time since Inverurie has seen any new council houses built, so this is a very welcome development indeed.

“The high price of property and the shortage of property for rent locally is a real problem, particularly for younger people. This investment will help make sure that more people are able to live and work and raise their families in the town."

SNP Gordon Westminster Candidate Richard Thomson said:

“I’m delighted that local families are going to get brand new homes thanks to this partnership between Aberdeenshire Council and the Scottish Government.

“Being able to move into a modern, affordable property can make a real difference to people’s lives. Given the pressures on the housing market in the North East currently, this investment in the future of Inverurie is both welcome and timely.”

Gordon MSP Mr Salmond added:

“The Scottish Government is committed to providing a new generation of homes for rent. By ending right to buy for new tenants and by providing financial support for local authorities, we’ve not only managed to kick-start a new round of local authority building, but will retain up to 18,000 homes across Scotland in the social rented sector over the next ten years.”

Across Scotland , total planned expenditure in new council housing is £50m. This will see over 1,300 new homes being built, which will in turn support nearly 3,000 jobs across the country.

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