>> 20 April 2010

With the General Election campaign due to enter its final two weeks, Gordon SNP Candidate Richard Thomson is set to up the tempo with two high profile campaign events over the next week.

On Friday (23 April), Mr Thomson will be joined by Gordon MSP and First Minister Alex Salmond, as they host a business lunch at the Lochter Centre, Oldmeldrum. As well as being a valuable networking opportunity, the lunch will provide an opportunity for local business people to hear Mr Thomson and Mr Salmond speak, and to put questions to them directly.

The lunch will take place from 2-3.30pm. Entrance is £10 on the door, and is open to all local business people. To book, contact Mr Thomson direct on

Next Monday at 7.30pm (26 April), Mr Salmond will be joined by Mr Thomson and star of Scottish stage and screen, Elaine C Smith, at a meeting in Inverurie Town Hall. The ‘Ask Alex’ event will give people the opportunity to quiz the SNP leader and Mr Thomson directly. Similar events are also due to be held in Livingston, Dundee and Glasgow.

Elaine C Smith said:

"Viewers and voters in Scotland will be shouting at the telly during the TV debates as London politicians talk about issues that just aren’t relevant in Scotland.

“I’ll be bringing the First Minister to the people so they can quiz him directly on the issues that matter to them.

“And where the TV stations won’t let you laugh or clap this will be the audience’s show as much as anyone else’s."

Mr Salmond said:

“I’m delighted that one of Scotland’s best known and best loved talents has decided to host these events. I’m sure Elaine won’t let me off lightly!

“While the London Parties are engaged in a phoney war the SNP are putting local communities first. These events present an ideal opportunity to speak to real people in real communities during the campaign.

“I want to hear what people have to say as I make the case for the SNP’s local and national champions.”

SNP Westminster Candidate for Gordon, Richard Thomson, said:

“Local people in Gordon are being given the chance to put their questions directly to the First Minister and myself, and to and have their voices heard in this election campaign.

“Scotland may have been shut out of the leader’s debates but the issues – particularly the London parties’ planned Thatcherite cuts – will hit their communities hard.

“Only the SNP is championing Gordon communities and giving the public the chance to openly discuss the real issues affecting Gordon and Scotland.”

To apply for tickets, people are invited to email, or to call 07050 604939.

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