>> 27 September 2010


Alex Salmond, Gordon MSP, will this morning (Monday) tour the unique new premises of leading local steel manufacturer R. B. Ross, unveiling a plaque to mark the opening the eco-friendly building.

The distinctive structure is, quite literally, green – equipped with a roof made from naturally occurring grasses.

Commenting Mr Salmond said:

“The innovative design of this fantastic new building matches the forward thinking outlook of a local business that is going from strength to strength.

“R. B. Ross has grown year on year - now supporting 30 local jobs and supplying 400 clients – many of them in the North East. It’s an excellent example of the wealth of fresh thinking entrepreneurship that Gordon has to offer.”

Local SNP Councillor, Fergus Hood, added:

“R. B. Ross’ new premises are a credit to the highly successful local company.

“It was visionary on the part of the council to allow the construction to go ahead and I commend its decision.

“This is exactly the sort of progressive, original design that will not only give a successful company space further flourish but will also enhance the area.”

North East architect and building designer, Matthew Merchant, added:

“With its unusual features this structure certainly looks unique. In reality, the building is one of a kind – designed to fit the needs of R. B. Ross’s rapidly expanding business.

“It’s highly energy efficient – creating its own heat from electric pumps coming from bore holes and a coiled pipe immersed in the entrance pond.

“Rainwater is harvested and recirculated to irrigate the grasses which cover the roof and features are made from salvaged granite.”

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