>> 15 March 2011

Gordon MSP Alex Salmond has confirmed that plans for the Inverurie Transport Interchange and Relief Road are driving forward, bringing the town close to the transport improvements which will greatly benefit Inverurie’s developing town centre.

Once completed the project will open up the town centre for development and improve transport facilities, links to the station and help to resolve parking problems. The proposed transport link will also significantly ease traffic flow and improve safety in an area with many pedestrians. The plans also include provision for a new bus facility at the railway station.

Following intervention from Mr Salmond in his capacity as MSP for Gordon, substantial progress has been made with land owners Tesco and Network Rail to relinquish land to the local authority to allow the project to proceed. The Council is finalising its land requirement with Network Rail, and Tesco has also been extremely positive about the project, with the transfer of their land to the Council due to take place next month.

Commenting Mr Salmond said:

“The Inverurie Transport Interchange and Inner Relief Road will greatly improve traffic flow, transport links and open up Inverurie’s town centre for development. It’s an extremely exciting project for the town which will be of direct benefit to businesses, pedestrians and road users.

“A substantial volume of work has taken place for plans to reach such an advanced stage and it’s extremely encouraging to see all interested parties engaging positively with the process.

“Inverurie is expanding rapidly and it’s important that transport networks develop in line with the town’s growing population.

“The whole of Inverurie is set to greatly benefit from the developments and I look forward to continuing to support these vital improvements.”

SNP Inverurie councillor Bryan Stuart added:

"This project will transform the town centre and open up many new opportunities that were close to being lost given the ten year window for it to proceed was almost up.

"Our transportation and property staff at the Council have done an excellent job, especially over the last few months, in progressing matters to this stage.

"I would also like to express my thanks to my ward colleagues who have also been very supportive in helping bring this about."

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