SNP Manifesto Pledges To Make A Positive Difference In Aberdeenshire East

>> 19 April 2011

On a weekend of campaigning across the constituency, in Inverurie, Strichen and Old Meldrum, SNP candidate for Aberdeenshire East, Alex Salmond, spoke to voters about what the SNP manifesto will mean for people living in the area.

Mr Salmond was met with a fantastic response as he encouraged voters to log onto the internet, to access the SNP’s commitments online, to see the benefits that a re-elected SNP Government will bring to people in the area and across Scotland.

The SNP’s manifesto can be accessed here

Key manifesto commitments include:
  • A 5 year council tax freeze
  • A promise to protect health spending
  • A guarantee that no Scots will pay university tuition fees under an SNP Government
  • 100% of Scotland’s own energy needs to met by renewables by 2020
  • 130,000 green energy jobs
  • A new scheme to detect cancer early in an initiative that could save around 300 lives a year.
  • 125,000 new modern apprenticeships over the next term
  • A £250,000 million Scottish Futures Fund, investing in jobs and young talent
Commenting Mr Salmond said;

“Last week the SNP launched its Manifesto for re-election and published the 84 out of 94 headline pledges from our 2007 Manifesto that have been met. That’s a good solid record for a minority Government.

“But we want to go much further in a second term of office, because we have huge ambition for Scotland and we have the team to deliver that ambition.

“Our new Manifesto is packed with pledges that will make a positive difference to the lives of every man, woman and child living in Aberdeenshire East.

“This weekend voters have been telling me how our manifesto pledge to freeze the council tax for the next 5 years will help their families in these tough economic times. The council tax freeze – brought in by the SNP Government has already saved families in Aberdeenshire East an average of £300 and under a reelected SNP Government these savings will continue.

“These are pledges that will make a real difference to family finances and help to contribute to a better future for people in Aberdeenshire East.

“In 2007 voters in this area did their bit to make sure that the SNP was elected to Government and able to deliver policies such as the council tax freeze, to help families in hard times. After 4 years in Government, the SNP stands as the only party with the record, the team and the vision to take us forward together.”

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