Councillor Hails Tenant Event Success

>> 16 October 2011

Aberdeenshire Council SNP Group Housing spokesperson Cllr Anne Allan has hailed yesterday’s Tenant Event for council tenants held at Woodhill House as a great success.

All council tenants are invited to come along to these events which are held twice a year and deal with issues such as housing benefit reform to Tenants Satisfaction Survey results and also include elections to the Tenant Participation Promotion Team.

Councillor Allan said:

“I’ve been involved with Tenant Participation since 1996 when I set up the Hatton Area Residents’ Association (HARA). I find that attending these meetings keeps me in touch with the views of other tenants as I am presently the only councillor who is also a tenant of the council."

Commenting on changes to Housing Benefit, Councillor Allan said:

“The changes to Housing Benefit being proposed by the London Government are likely to have an adverse effect on the Scottish Government’s homelessness commitment to remove the distinction between priority and non-priority need to give all applicants the same right to accommodation.

“The London Government is slowing-down progress on housing in Scotland and this latest example simply highlights the case for devolution of welfare and benefits to the Scottish Parliament.”

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