Local MSPs Welcome Commitment To Every North East Young Person

>> 1 December 2011


Alex Salmond, MSP for Aberdeenshire East and Mark McDonald, MSP for North East Scotland, have welcomed the impact that the latest Scottish Government investment in young people will have in the North East.

The First Minister announced today (Thursday) that a dedicated Minister for Youth Employment will be established and an extra £30 million will be invested in helping Scotland's young people into training, work or education to secure a stronger workforce for the future.

Commenting, Aberdeenshire East MSP, Alex Salmond, said:

“No child in the North East, indeed no child in Scotland, should become an employment statistic at the age of 16 and the Scottish Government’s key commitment is to those young people who yearn to be productive.

“Young people in the North East have a huge amount to contribute to Scotland’s work force and to the North East economy and they hold a genuine desire to reach their full potential – this funding will help them to achieve these goals.

“We have already made an explicit commitment to our 16-19 year olds that if they aren't already in work, education or training they will be offered a place in learning or training through Opportunities for All. This announcement will build on that guarantee, showing our wholehearted commitment to making sure that no school leaver falls through the cracks.”

Mark McDonald MSP welcomed the move, adding:

“Every single young person should have the opportunity to make the most of their abilities and the Scottish Government’s ambitious pledge will make sure that no young person is overlooked.

“Scotland's youth employment rate is higher than the rest of the UK, but in these tough economic times there is no room for complacency and I welcome this bold move to ensure the staff base of the future.

“This announcement is a commitment to our young people, a commitment to Scotland’s economy and a commitment to the future of Scotland’s work force.”

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