Hendry Welcomes A947 Safety Measures

>> 7 March 2012

SNP Mid-Formartine councillor Allan Hendry have welcomed a new safety initiative for the A947 road.

The road which runs from Dyce to Banff witnessed, on average, more than 3 fatal road collisions each year between 2005 and 2010, which is almost 50% higher than the national average.
Aberdeenshire Council together with other partners from the North East Safety Camera Partnership (NESCAMP) have come together in a bid to make the A947 safer for all users.  To address the road safety issues an in-depth route study has been carried out and a range of measures to encourage safer road use recommended. The partners agreed to focus on the reduction of inappropriate speed as the first measure.  
Engineering in the form of additional road signage and new hard standings has begun, and will assist speed enforcement by Grampian Police at existing and new locations.   The works, which have been funded by NESTRANS, Community Safety Partnership and the Safety Camera Programme, will be complemented by a series of education and encouragement methods.

Cllr Allan Hendry, who is also Vice-Convener of Grampian Joint Police Board, added:

“I am delighted to see the implementation of this initiative.  The serious road collisions along the A947 have been a matter of deep concern to me for some considerable time.  Hopefully these measures, which include education, enforcement and encouragement, will see a vast reduction in instances of serious injury and fatal collisions along the A947. 

“The A947 Working Group, which includes Aberdeenshire Council Accident Investigation Unit, NESTRANS, Grampian Police, The Community Safety Partnership and the Safety Camera Program, should be justly proud of this achievement which should now go a long way into making this notorious road much safer and I congratulate everyone involved with this project.”

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