Local Councillors Welcome Mobile Police Surgery To St Combs & St Fergus

>> 12 April 2012

Local SNP councillors Anne Allan and Fiona McRae have welcomed the news that Grampian Police will be reaching out to local communities in East Buchan next week.

Officers will be taking the Mobile Police Surgery to St Combs and St Fergus and making themselves available to discuss any issues of concern with local residents.

Commenting, Peterhead North & Rattray councillor Anne Allan, said:

“I very much welcome this initiative from Grampian Police.  It is important that police officers are accessible and available in all our communities to get first hand information from local residents.

“I hope that local residents will take the opportunity to meet with their local police officers and continue to support them in their work.”

Councillor Fiona McRae added:

“Thanks to the SNP Scottish Government’s pledge to put 1000 extra police officers on our streets, our police force is able to take initiatives such as these.  The reform of policing in Scotland which is designed to protect front-line services will lead to more resources being available by stripping out layers of management and continued community policing in the face of the cuts being handed down from the Westminster Government.”

The timetable for the Mobile Police Office is:

St Combs, West Street
Tuesday 17 April – 11.00am-12.30pm    

St Fergus, outside School
Tuesday 17 April – 1.30pm – 3.00pm

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