McRae Secures Committment from Stagecoach on Bus Route Change

>> 25 May 2012

Peterhead North & Rattray SNP councillor Fiona McRae has secured a commitment from Stagecoach that they intend to revert the 269 Peterhead-Fraserburgh service back to its previous route along Balmoor Terrace.

The move comes after Cllr McRae received a series of complaints from shoppers that the bus route no longer passed Morrisons Supermarket. The bus service was used regularly by residents of Crimond and St Fergus to do their shopping but recent changes meant that this could no longer be done without the need for a long walk to and from the Bus Interchange.

After taking the matter up with Stagecoach and Aberdeenshire Council’s Public Transport Unit, Cllr McRae has been advised that the route will be revised back to going past Morrisons, most likely in August.

Commenting, Cllr Fiona McRae said:

“While I’m sure the recent changes to bus routes in Peterhead were done with the best intentions of expanding the areas covered, this particular change clearly hasn’t worked and has proved extremely unpopular with passengers if the feedback I’ve been getting is anything to go by.

“A lot of elderly people in the villages have told me that they used to use the bus to do their shopping in town but cannot now do so because of the change of route away from the supermarket at Balmoor Terrace.

“I’m pleased that Stagecoach have listened to the concerns I put forward on behalf of my constituents and will now start the process of changing the route back to what it was. This can’t be done overnight because of traffic regulations governing bus route changes, but should be in place later in the summer.”

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