Newburgh Bridge Temporary Solution Backed by Thomson & Merson

>> 5 June 2012

Newburgh’s SNP councillors Richard Thomson and Rob Merson have backed a temporary solution to re-open the Butcher’s Bridge while a longer term solution is found.

The “Butcher’s Bridge” is the principal bridge over the Foveran Burn linking Newburgh and its principal recreation area and community garden as well as giving access to the wider footpath network.

The Bridge was closed in November 2011 owing to concerns over its safety and likelihood that the main superstructure will have to be replaced.

Speaking after today’s meeting of the Formartine Area Committee, Newburgh SNP councillor Richard Thomson said:

“This is a sensible short-term step to re-open access but a longer-term fix must be found.

“I’m well-aware of the problems the closure of the Ladies Bridge further up the coast in Cruden Bay caused last year and a temporary fix at the outset would have been very much welcomed by the residents there.

“I’ll continue to work with council officers and my colleagues on the council to ensure that a longer-term solution is forthcoming.”

Cllr Rob Merson, Chair of Formartine Area Committee and Newburgh councillor said:

“Since the bridge was closed officers of the Council have been working with the community to realise a solution to the problem.

“At our meeting today we have agreed to fund a low-cost temporary fix which would allow the bridge to be reopened.

“The condition of the bridge, with the temporary fix, will be regularly monitored to ensure that there is no further deterioration requiring its closure.”

The costs of achieving the temporary fix have been estimated by the Council’s Engineers at £2,800.  The Planning Service have agreed a contribution of £1,400 and a similar contribution of £ 1,400 from the Area Top-Up budget was agreed at this morning’s Formartine Area Meeting.

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