Mr Q - A Year in the Life: Roving Reporter Publishes Extracts of his Memoirs

>> 23 December 2012


When Mr Q set up a Twitter account a little over a year ago, his boss Dennis Robertson MSP had no doubts that his four legged friend’s nose for news would be an instant success.

It’s not easy always tweeting with paws, but Mr Q has racked-up nearly 500 followers and made new friends along the way.

Now – as a special Christmas treat - the roving reporter is kindly sharing extracts from his memoirs with us. They give a unique insight not only into the work of a guide dog, but also into the work of an MSP.

Commenting, Dennis Robertson – MSP for Aberdeenshire West - said:

“Mr Q may love the attention he gets around Parliament, but he really is an excellent guide dog – the best I’ve ever worked with.

“He’s been a little bit shattered recently – he is after all six-years-old which is a fair age for a working dog. But rest assured, he’ll get a good rest over the Christmas holidays.

“As these extracts from his diaries show, Mr Q has a unique insight on life in the Parliament, and I’m sure that when he leaves Parliament, his memoirs will become an instant bestseller.”

Mr Q added:

“What a year 2012 has been for the most handsome dog working at Scottish Parliament. I have selected some of my tweets to give you an insight into my busy life guiding my best friend, Dennis Robertson MSP.”


I've got the old harness back on today - I'm back at work in the Scottish Parliament. But to be honest it is nice to see my pals and get spoilt!

I've had 1,000s of paw-mails to get through.

On Monday Dennis and I visited Old Rayne Primary - I could hardly move for attention!

I was in Ballater this morning anticipating cold paws, but was pleased that it was a toasty 8 degrees.

Just back from a fantastic Energy forum. Youngsters presented their view of the Energy industry to high powered audience.

On our way home I was forced to leave the pavement - due to a van being parked on it!

Going to a book launch tomorrow in Deeside: Man, Dog, Stroke, Musings of a Deeside Whippet (Hamish) and His Master (Eric)… looks good, eh?!

If Dennis would remember to put the light on I'd know who's coming into the office.

Exciting day in the Parliament. I listened to the historic Your Scotland Your Referendum speech… Also, I've been busy working on my new signature. I love working for Dennis but independence is good, even for dogs.


Would you believe, the other day, on the train down from Stonehaven someone dropped their smart phone, right on my nose. Oooch… I noticed hundreds of apps on his phone, but none about dogs. However, I did see that he had fewer followers on Twitter than I do!

Looking forward to Linda Fabiani MSP’s debate tomorrow on cutting VAT on food for working dogs. Linda is working to help us get a better meal deal.

Now off to get Dennis on the train home. A dog’s work is never done.

So proud of Dennis Today. He's my best friend

Dog tired today. Dennis had me out past midnight. He says thanks for all your kind support.

My master's voice is on the Call Kaye phone-in BBC Radio Scotland this morning from 8.50am I'll be listening.


Dennis is very quiet today. We're going home for a toddy & some Lemsip. Hope I don't catch man flu. Woof.

Back to The Royal Blind School with Dennis today. Fantastic teachers and pupils, upstaged the boss, but I always do. Woof woof.

One more day to go before Hugo the guide dog & Chris are at East Kilbride shopping centre. Hugo has a Facebook page.

I love the Bard, this is my favourite ‘My Love is Like a Red Red Bone’.

Hey everybody, my pups are trending on twitter. It's National Puppy Day.

I was a Hot Dog yesterday 23.4C in Aboyne. Edinburgh is positively polar today at 20C. Just as well I have a gorgeous fur coat!


I thought the media scrum outside the Parliament this morning was for me, hope I haven't been Trumped by the Donald!

BrewDog awarded Bar Operator of the Year prize. You can Punk your Dog here:


Hi everybody, busy as usual. Had a great night last night with Kate Higgins of Children 1st. But why didn't anyone drop their canap├ęs? Woof.

If any of you want me to take up any dog matters, just let me know before Dennis.

Dennis accompanied me to a meeting with the parliament CEO & staff today to make sure all my needs are met.

Woof, Woof! Please say yes. I'm adding my paw print.

I had a great time visiting farm communities on the Isle of Bute with my new best friend, Ross Fairburn. Loads of new smells!

Hope that my MSP colleagues turnout to meet Billy, Scotland's only fire investigation dog tomorrow. Good nose, but I'm better looking.


It's National Microchipping Month and here are just a few MSPs who have turned out to support us. We're precious.

Yesterday I got to fly to London with Dennis who was speaking at Vision UK Conference. Explained the different NHS approach in Scotland…

I am also proud to say I was pronounced the handsomest dog on the panel which also included David Blunkett and Sadie.

Here's Dennis & I at the Scotch Whisky Association Centenary with the Makar, Liz Lochhead.

Hi folks! Sorry not been tweeting much recently - rumours about it being "a dog's life" are not true in this working dog's life!

Only kidding all is well. Between the heavy showers I had a great time at the Royal Highland Show which was a bit like being back at Parliament...


I’m seeing the Queen at today’s garden party at Holyrood. I’m sure she will be impressed!

Visiting doggie dentist tomorrow for a teeth clean so I'll be out of it all day. See me at the Echt Show with my dazzling smile on Saturday.

It's great to be having a staycation in Aberdeenshire.


Woof! What a great summer... Welcome to all my new followers. Has anyone any great summer stories they can share?

I'll tell you all my news over the next few days (when Dennis reminds me). I'd tell you now but I need to paws and rest.

Dennis & I will be on the BBC Big Debate tomorrow on Radio Scotland. Looking forward to meeting Tannadice Lad Brian Taylor.


There are some things you can do to celebrate Scottish Animal Week. Check out the cute kitten. Not as cute as me!

We're helping to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Check out my pink Stetson ya'll!! Dennis looks quite good as well.


Great day to be leading the pack & raising awareness for Guide Dogs Week. Looking forward to meeting some other hot dogs and cool cats!

Cool. Dennis and I are "The Big Picture" on the BBC homepage.

I am supporting the Guide Dog Buddy Pilot and Dennis just signed a motion in the Scottish Parliament supporting it too.

Looking forward to meeting old friends and new at the SNP Conference in Perth this weekend. Dennis will be there too!

If you do see me at the conference (I will be the handsomest dog there) Please don't feed me no matter how irresistible I look…Just so you know, dropping your sandwich on the floor in front of me is considered feeding. But I can have REAL doggy biscuits.

Princess Anne told me that I was VERY handsome tonight. We are celebrating the Jubilee Woods.

Emeli Sande from Alford wins Q Awards, sorry I could not make it.

I’m having specially brewed 'dog beer' with my dinner tonight to celebrate my 6th birthday... Glad to say there is no guiding afterwards although I’ve been told there’s no alcohol in the beer. Great to get a night off!


I could not say no to Specsavers' invite, they recently pledged to raise £250,000 for Guide Dogs.

Glad to see the guy with the cute Portuguese Water dog won the US election and not the guy who left his dog on top of his Cadillac.

Dennis & I will be on Newsnight Scotland tonight at 10:30. I'll be the handsome one.

Today we signed a motion for Marco Biagi MSP to support Staffies in need. We think they are cute but not as handsome as me.

Woof! Dennis just won the Donald Dewar Debater of the Year award. Do they make doggie champers?


Went to the Vet on Friday, he says I'm dog tired so Dennis is going to make sure I take it easy this week. Woof.

We're supporting the Dog's Trust 12 Strays of Christmas after their visit to Parliament.

At Logie Coldstone Trust Christmas Fair in Tarland, met Santa and he knows Dennis!

Looking forward to go to Logie Primary school next week.

Merry Christmas to all my followers from Mr Q on Twitter!

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