Council Blocks Calls for Consultation on Changes to Waste and Recycling Collections

>> 17 January 2013

Aberdeenshire Council today turned its face against consulting with local residents over changes to its waste and recycling collection arrangements.

Members of the council’s Tory-led administration blocked SNP, Green and Independent calls to consult with residents before introducing the changes, which will require households to be issued with new recycling bins and new collection vehicles having to be introduced.

Perhaps the biggest change, which was a cause for concern among those councillors seeking to consult on the matter, is the move to cease kerbside collection of glass. Instead, residents will be expected to transport glass to recycling points.

Commenting, Shadow Chairman of Infrastructure Services, SNP councillor Rob Merson said:

“It has been admitted by the council that little has been done by way of community consultation. What we are being offered is consultation on the implementation of the chosen method – not a genuine consultation on how best to provide the waste and recycling service.

“There are many example up and down the country of other councils doing this a different way from what Aberdeenshire is proposing. All we ask is that a little more time is taken to look at these methods and go out to a genuine consultation with local residents who are the ones who, under these proposals, will be given no choice but to take their glass to a recycling point.

“It is clear from the comments made during consideration of this matter around the Area Committees that many councillors aren’t convinced this is the best method to adopt. If the councillors aren’t convinced, how can we expect to convince the public?”

The proposal to consult with residents was defeated by the Tory-led administration by 36-30.

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