SNP Group Comments on Latest Alan Buchan Revelations

>> 4 February 2013

Commenting on the call from Green councillor Martin Ford to Leader of Aberdeenshire Council Jim Gifford to take action against controversial Aberdeenshire Alliance member and Vice-Chair of the council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Councillor Alan Buchan, following more revelations of Buchan’s allegations against Peterhead Port Authority, SNP Group Leader Councillor Hamish Vernal said:

"If Alan Buchan has any evidence whatsoever to back up these wild and unsubstantiated claims then the obvious route is to report the matter to the police for investigation.

"The fact that he does not appear to have done so and instead continues to carry on a campaign of vilification against Peterhead Port Authority in particular and the SNP in general for political ends through his newsletter suggests that he does not have any evidence.

"On Friday, Councillor Buchan left halfway through a briefing on the Energetica Corridor and its economic development potential just minutes before officials from Peterhead Port Authority addressed the assembled gathering, so we are already seeing the effects of the council's ban on his being involved in any business where the Port Authority has an interest.

“This raises significant questions for Council Leader Jim Gifford and Chair of the Infrastructure Committee Peter Argyle on Councillor Buchan
s ability to carry out his duties as Vice-Chair of the Infrastructure Committee and for which he is paid."

Councillor Gifford has reportedly said in response to previous controversial comments by Alan Buchan that he would not be allowed to represent Aberdeenshire Council in its dealings with Peterhead Port Authority.

A tour and briefing for councillors of the Energetica Corridor took place on Friday 1 February to appraise councillors of “the value of and opportunities that exist within Energetica”. In the absence of Cllr Peter Argyle, Chair of the Infrastructure Services Committee, Cllr Alan Buchan was the next most senior representative of that committee, which includes economic development in its remit. Cllr Buchan exited the tour bus approximately 200 yards before it reached Peterhead Port Authority premises.

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