Broch Councillors Express Disappointment as Council Brushes Aside Sheltered Housing Concerns

>> 10 March 2013

Fraserburgh & District SNP councillor Brian Topping has expressed his disappointment after his request for a full audit of the needs of Aberdeenshire's sheltered housing tenants was rejected by the Conservative/Independent-led administration of Aberdeenshire Council.

Speaking during the debate, Cllr Topping said:

“I meet regularly with the tenants of the various sheltered housing complexes in and around Fraserburgh and they are very clear in what they tell me, which is that since these cuts have been introduced, they do not feel they get the same standard of service which they had before.

“That’s not a reflection on the staff, who are doing a very good job in circumstances made difficult by the actions of the council’s administration. What makes it all the more galling is that with a £50million underspend over the last two years in the council, these cuts are totally unnecessary.”

Commenting on the debate at Full Council, SNP councillor Charles Buchan added:

"Anyone looking into this debate from the outside would have been unimpressed with the brittle and bad tempered response by leading members of the Tory/Independent-led Administration to the genuine concerns of sheltered housing residents.

"I welcome the tacit recognition that there is still much to do to provide the level of service desired on all sides. However, it's disappointing that the response of the administration leadership in this instance has once again been to try and shoot the messenger.

"The SNP Group pledged additional resource to tackle gaps in the warden service at the recent budget. We remain committed to working with anyone who will work alongside us to improve matters for the tenants and the wardens who work so hard to support them."

Of the four councillors representing Fraserburgh & District, Councillors Brian Topping and Charles Buchan backed the calls for an audit of service provision and tenant needs, while Councillors Ian Tait and Michael Watt supported the position of the Conservative/Independent administration for no change.

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