Local Councillor Calls for St Fergus Kirkyard Road Upgrade

>> 15 May 2013

Peterhead North & Rattray SNP councillor Anne Allan has called for the access road to St Fergus Cemetery to be repaired.

Cllr Allan was speaking at yesterday’s meeting of the Buchan Area Committee where the Landscape Services Work programme for 2013-14 was discussed. The access road from the main A90 to the cemetery, which is located close to the beach, is a public right of way but is owned privately and is not maintained by the council. Cllr Allan highlighted complaints she had received from constituents who had been visiting the cemetery to pay respects and requested that action be taken to address the issue.

Responding, Ian Tillett of Aberdeenshire Council’s Landscape Services said that repairs to potholes would be carried out in advance of funerals scheduled to take place at St Fergus and he agreed to investigate a longer-term solution involving both the council and the landowner.

Commenting, Cllr Anne Allan said:

“This road has been an issue for many years. It is upsetting for relatives visiting the graves of loved ones when they find their journey to the kirkyard is such a difficult one owing to the condition which the road gets into.

“While it is a public access the problem arises because it is a private road which is not owned or maintained by the council.

“I hope, however, that the actions suggested by the Landscapes Department will lead to a significant improvement in the medium term.”

Fellow SNP councillor for Peterhead North & Rattray Fiona McRae backed Cllr Allan’s call, commenting:

“I’m very pleased that there now seems to be a real prospect of some action on this issue. At the very least, where funerals are taking place mourners should not be too troubled by large potholes.”

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