Donside : SNP Offering a 'Positive Vision' for Future of Aberdeen

>> 8 June 2013


As the Aberdeen Donside by-election campaign heads toward its final ten days, SNP candidate Mark McDonald has today (Saturday) said that he is the only candidate offering a positive vision for the future of Aberdeen Donside, by committing to protect key socially progressive policies introduced by the SNP Government.

Hundreds of SNP activists from all across Scotland are out in the constituency this afternoon, and to mark what would have been Brian Adam's 65th birthday on Monday, the late MSP's wife Dodi, some of his children and grandchildren accompanied Mr McDonald as he spoke with voters in the constituency.

Much of the campaign has centred around the council tax freeze, after the Labour candidate said that he thought councils should be able to increase council tax. The SNP have been conducting a 'super-survey' of over 10,000 Donside residents, which has found that 88% are opposed to increasing the council tax.

This week Labour candidate Willie Young refused to give his view on free Higher Education to a hustings organised by Aberdeen City Youth Council; however he later admitted in a Times interview that he supported the introduction of tuition fees.

SNP candidate Mark McDonald has argued that Scotland cannot afford to abolish these and other key socially progressive policies, and has made clear his commitment to supporting them.

Commenting, Mr McDonald said:

"I was honoured to be joined by Brian's family this afternoon on the campaign trail. Brian was first and foremost a strong advocate for the people of Aberdeen Donside, and some of the things I have heard from voters this afternoon would be inspirational for anyone seeking to succeed Brian.

"The feedback I am receiving on the doorsteps in this campaign is that people want their elected representatives to outline a positive vision for the future of the constituency, and for Scotland.

"The reason I support policies such as the council tax freeze and free higher education - and have voted for them as an MSP - is because they are of real social and economic benefit to families. While the other candidates are trying to pretend that Scotland cannot afford to maintain them, I am clear that we cannot afford to abolish them.

"Local voters can only secure the Council Tax freeze, free Higher Education and other progressive policies by a vote for me on June 20th, as I pledge to build on Brian Adam’s strong legacy of ‘Delivering for Donside – Working for You’.”

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