Schools Top Donside Agenda as First Minister and Education Secretary Meet Parents

>> 17 June 2013

The SNP has today put the fight against the Labour-Tory administration's school closure agenda at the top of the Aberdeen Donside by-election campaign, as senior party figures met with parent campaigners.

from the Press & Journal
First Minister Alex Salmond and Education Secretary Michael Russell joined SNP candidate Mark McDonald to meet with parents at the closure threatened schools and hear their concerns about what is being planned.

SNP candidate Mark McDonald has committed himself to fight against plans to close Bramble Brae and Middleton Park primary schools, a commitment that has not been matched by Labour's Willie Young or the Tories' Ross Thomson who both serve on the council administration behind the closure plans.

Commenting, SNP candidate for Aberdeen Donside Mark McDonald said:

“I am delighted to have been able to help give parents the chance to share their concerns over what the Labour-Tory administration is doing with the First Minister and Education Secretary.

“Parents in the communities surrounding Bramble Brae and Middleton Park rightly want to know what their prospective MSP will do to help them in their fight to keep these schools open.

“While Willie Young has ducked and dodged the issue and now seems to be on the run from his own administration, I have consistently promised to take the side of parents and pupils.

“The message from parents has been loud and clear – these closure plans are utterly wrong and must be opposed for the sake of the children attending these schools. I have no hesitation in promising to stand alongside parents and fight these closure plans if I am elected as the next MSP for Aberdeen Donside."

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